Time & Attendance

Time & AttendanceBy choosing Bozzuto’s RTS, you will be able to improve your store’s accuracy and organization when it comes to employee time and attendance. There is no manual calculation associated with this system, which helps to eliminate any errors. Our system provides you with real-time reports, managing holiday pay and even accommodating to schedule minors.

More benefits of Bozzuto’s RTS Time & Attendance include:

  • Improve staff scheduling
  • No manual calculation
  • Provides real-time reports
  • Manages holiday pay
  • Improves minor scheduling

Salesplan Support

Salesplan SupportIt’s no secret that accurate prices equal happy and satisfied customers.  By using this data management software, retailers are sent a weekly electronic file which can be modified and integrated directly into their POS systems. Included in these files are Ad plans, TPRs, price increases/decreases and new items. 

More benefits of Bozzuto’s RTS Salesplan Support include:

  • No manual entry so less money is spent on labor costs
  • Improves accuracy
  • Helps manage the stores margin
  • Offers comparison reports to verify accuracy

Salesplan support requires that retailers have access to a high speed network to ensure data integrity and network availability.  This system currently supports many differed POS systems including ISS45, ScanMaster, AutoStar, RORC, ABO, BX Advantage, IBM  STCR, SuperPOSS, Openfield’s ISIS, and BASSpoINT.

Recipe Center Kiosk

Recipe Center Kiosk

Your best customers are looking for help. They want...

  • Real time access to your weekly ad and recipes

  • Reduced meal planning anxiety and relief from meal fatigue!

Two Hours Before Dinnertime

Consumers remain challenged planning meals, especially dinner. In fact, 28 percent of consumers do not know what they will eat two hours before dinnertime on weekdays; the number jumps to 35 percent on weekends. On weekdays, those most likely to lack plans are members of Generation Y (46 percent), single men (43 percent) and single mothers (38 percent).

Two hours before dinnertime, many have not even decided whether to eat at home or a restaurant. On weekdays, the plan-less are led by Generation Y (27 percent), single mothers (21 percent) and single men (19 percent).

These consumers create a large market for fast-food, takeout and delivered meals. Supermarkets are responding with meal solutions and quick-stop areas for dinner, often featuring their own checkout stands. The number featuring quick-stop areas increased from 36.8 percent in 2007 to 50.6 percent in 2008, according to The Food Retailing Industry Speaks 2008 report.

  • More time - shoppers can have meal solutions in their hands in less than 30 seconds!

  • More money - help your shopper take advantage of store specials and provide coupons customized meal solutions based on their needs and the needs of their families

Special Diet & Recipes

The solution is designed to provide an overall healthy-eating program that meets the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The recipes are packed with nutrient-rich foods, including whole grains, low-fat dairy and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and include options for…

Diabetes Meal Plan • Healthy Diabetes Recipes for Dinner • Heart Healthy Meal Plan • Heart Healthy Comfort Food Recipes • Healthy Recipes and Menus for Bone Health • Digestive Health Recipes and Menus • High Blood Pressure Diet Recipes and Menus • Healthy Aging Meal Plan • Gluten Free Diet Recipes, Menus and Tips • Weight Loss Diet Meal Plan • Dinners for 350 Calories or Less • Gluten Free Snacks • Healthy Diet Recipes, Menus and Tips • Low Calorie Casserole Recipes • Quick and Healthy Low-Calorie Recipes and Menus • 10 days of 100 calorie (or less) snacks • $3 Diet Dinners • Antioxidant Rich Recipes and Tips • Quick and Healthy Low Cholesterol Recipes and Menus • Heart Healthy Desserts • Peanut Free Recipes • Quick High-Fiber Dinner Recipes

  • Provide cooking instructions 24-7 - ideas and meat advice when the butcher isn't there

  • 97% of consumers felt our kiosk was very easy to use!

  • See how other Bozzuto's RTS retailers have added a Kiosk to their in-store marketing...Check out these retailers for ideas!

PCI Compliance

PCIWhy the PCI Rapid Comply Solution?

  • Help choosing the right SAQ
  • Many pre-populated answers
  • Automatic vulnerability integrated scanning
  • A step-by-step online application
  • 24/7 access
  • Hands-on support via chat, email or phone
  • Make shoppers happy and increase basket size!

Start here!

For help with your SAQ or PCI-related questions, please call our PCI Rapid Comply Help Desk.

Phone: 1-855-532-4891

Mobile Marketing

Mobile MarketingWhen it comes to reaching the on-the-go shopper, the Bozzutos RTS team can provide quality and ease of use for your mobile websites. You won’t have to worry about synching store content, re-sizing web pages or downloading updates on your phone. It’s all done automatically! A few other areas where a mobile website would benefit your business includes:

  • Puts the store info in the hand of the mobile shopper
  • Works on any mobile device
  • Connects the new generation of shoppers who rely on their mobile device
  • The store ad circular is accessible – anytime & anywhere
  • Replaces costly newspaper ads or circulars

In-Store Signage and Tags

In-Store TagsHaving effective signage is a big part of increasing product movement in your store. Our retail technology solution offers programs that go hand in hand with your POS system in order to supplement you with consistent, professional looking signs.

Use the Online Sign Stock Order System

More benefits of Bozzuto's RTS In Store Signage and Tags include:

  • Encourage impulse sales
  • Puts signs where you need them
  • Improves customer communication

Gift Card Program

Gift Card ProgramOur gift card program allows retailers to become processor independent, giving them access to a multitude of online reports. This program works in both single and multi-store environments according to your retail needs. Gift cards can be made out to the denomination of your choice, and are priced significantly less than our competitors.

Benefits of the Bozzuto's RTS gift card program include:

  • More accurate than using the traditional paper system
  • Allows you to be processor independent
  • Increases the average order
  • Can be displayed throughout the store
  • All pin pads and software are included
  • Puts your store's logo in your customer's wallets
  • A community script program which is PCI compliant

In order to be enrolled in this program, you must be a Bozzuto's RTS high speed network customer and have a PCI-Compliant POS system

For more Info about WorldPay, click here!

Click here to view an interactive "how to" on First Data FD410 pinpads. 

Bozzuto's RTS is a member of the PCI council
PCI Council

Fresh Food Delivery

Van Go

The Art of Fresh Food DeliveryVan Go

Contact An Expert Today

Papas Dodge (888) 843-4542

Your items are selected fresh and delivered in a temperature controlled system with insulated material to keep food at the highest standards of safety and quality. Your shipment will include fresh, frozen, and shelf stable products according to your request.

Your special meals are prepared fresh and delivered.

All your meals are shipped to you in a temperature controlled vehicle with insulated material and refrigeration to keep meals at the highest standards of safety and quality.

Your deliveries are packaged in recyclable containers that can be reused. No need to waste ice packs used by other shipment methods.

Digital Marketing

RTS Digital Marketing

Shop to Cook Kiosk

Digitally drive sales, promote loyalty, and provide expert advice with customer interactive solutions


When it comes to providing easy-to-use "turn-key" solutions that increase basket size, differentiate a store from competitors, and make every shopper and associate a food expert, we can deliver!

In-Store, Mobile, Social, and Web solutions

Meal Planning, Recipe Search, Produce Information, Cheese Information, Wine Pairing, Health & Wellness, Product Locator, Interactive Circular, Coupons, for In-Store marketing.

Mobile Marketing/Loyalty Rewards for mobile users and Web/Social platforms for consistant access to shopping  applications at home, email, on-the-go, or in your supermarket aisles.