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Bozzuto's Retail Technology Solutions (RTS) is an affordable and effective technology solution that saves Bozzuto's RTS customers money and provides service around the clock. We specialize in secure high-speed networks and support that help your store run more efficiently. We will help you improve your store's bottom line by providing top of the line technology products and services that allow you to spend more time with customers.

Compared to competitors, Bozzuto's RTS offers a service that is secure. Our services can help prevent your personal and private information from being compromised. We pride ourselves on our slogan: "Others Promise. We Deliver." That's why we're confident that you can save money by utilizing our network solution. To arrange for a FREE assessment to see how much you can save, call Paul Rudolph at 610.662.4056 or email at prudolph@bozzutos.com or Fred Roberts at 203.206.3781 or email at froberts@bozzutos.com.