Salesplan Support

Salesplan SupportIt’s no secret that accurate prices equal happy and satisfied customers.  By using this data management software, retailers are sent a weekly electronic file which can be modified and integrated directly into their POS systems. Included in these files are Ad plans, TPRs, price increases/decreases and new items. 

More benefits of Bozzuto’s RTS Salesplan Support include:

  • No manual entry so less money is spent on labor costs
  • Improves accuracy
  • Helps manage the stores margin
  • Offers comparison reports to verify accuracy

Salesplan support requires that retailers have access to a high speed network to ensure data integrity and network availability.  This system currently supports many differed POS systems including ISS45, ScanMaster, AutoStar, RORC, ABO, BX Advantage, IBM  STCR, SuperPOSS, Openfield’s ISIS, and BASSpoINT.