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Recipe Center Kiosk

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Two Hours Before Dinnertime

Consumers remain challenged planning meals, especially dinner. In fact, 28 percent of consumers do not know what they will eat two hours before dinnertime on weekdays; the number jumps to 35 percent on weekends. On weekdays, those most likely to lack plans are members of Generation Y (46 percent), single men (43 percent) and single mothers (38 percent).

Two hours before dinnertime, many have not even decided whether to eat at home or a restaurant. On weekdays, the plan-less are led by Generation Y (27 percent), single mothers (21 percent) and single men (19 percent).

These consumers create a large market for fast-food, takeout and delivered meals. Supermarkets are responding with meal solutions and quick-stop areas for dinner, often featuring their own checkout stands. The number featuring quick-stop areas increased from 36.8 percent in 2007 to 50.6 percent in 2008, according to The Food Retailing Industry Speaks 2008 report.

  • More time - shoppers can have meal solutions in their hands in less than 30 seconds!

  • More money - help your shopper take advantage of store specials and provide coupons customized meal solutions based on their needs and the needs of their families

Special Diet & Recipes

The solution is designed to provide an overall healthy-eating program that meets the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The recipes are packed with nutrient-rich foods, including whole grains, low-fat dairy and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and include options for…

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